Sinclair Sports Coaching offers a team of fully qualified coaches to design and deliver a high quality tailored P.E provision to meet your school’s needs. We tailor on an individual basis in line with the National Curriculum standards.

Sinclair Sports Coaching will provide:

  • Reliability – A member of our team will provide continuity, commitment and a high level of coaching within your school.

  • Inspiring Curriculum – Our P.E lessons are designed to challenge and inspire your children’s passion for P.E.

  • Teacher Liaison – To offer an understanding of a different style of teaching P.E to your children.

  • Active Lifestyle – To encourage children to value P.E building their self esteem and confidence leading to a lifestyle choice complimentary for both mind and body.

To arrange a free consultation and taster session please email Sinclair Sports Coaching at contact@sinclaircoaching.co.uk or call Rob Sinclair on 07498287786.